Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Binary Clock

Binary clock,I love it this clock is fun to watch how it works,I always want to have it and I buildit,here is some pictures of my clock and schematic and source code in asm and hex file

Source code


  1. can you email with a price for this? i want one but i dont have the time to built one. my email is

  2. Hi! I'm form Argentina. I discovered this web page yestarday and I just finished to make my pic programer. My next step is this binary clock. Could I contact you by mail or any kind of messenger? I would like talk to you.
    Thanks for the blog.


  3. Hi, Could you draw a schematic for a binary clock that is 'true' binary? So the LEDs would look like this (in 12 hour format, I don't need 24 hours, more effort to set the time, when I could just look out the window):

    o o o o (HOURS)
    o o o o o o (MINS)

    Even better would be if it can draw power from a USB port - if that's possible - rather than using a battery? But that might be a pain if I have to set the time each time I turn the computer off?

  4. Hello
    If you change into true binary,you must change the code,and the leds aragment.
    I have found this clock on google and I make it and love it.

  5. What is frequency of the external crystal cant find it anywhere? Thanks in advance

  6. hi the crystal oscillators frequency is probably 32.768khz found in any wall clock and thats because any pic clock or watch needs that frequency as the pic uses four clock cycles per one instruction where as the avr uses one clock cycle per one instruction. Thanks. Youssef Aly egypt-alexandria.